Laboratory for analysis and restoration


The Diocesan Museum of Monopoly has a laboratory for analysis and restoration tools  and modern technologies, including:

Stereomicroscope for investigations on painted canvas (basic instrumentation)

• Portable pH-meter (basic instrumentation)

• Electronic Scale Precision (basic instrumentation)

• Equipment for Reflectography IR analys ,that does not destroy  the paintings but can  highlights items below the visible layer such as: preparatory drawing, any regrets, restoration, identification of pigment thanks to the images obtained in false colors (color change).The shots taken with the infrared camera are digitized and processed or printed directly to printer sublimation. The equipment is delivered and installed perfectly, complete with infrared camera reflectography (Connected to the image acquisition card inserted into the PC, images can be obtained from different sources Video: VCR or other video device PAL or NTSC format, for example video microscope), of software image processing, thermal dye sublimation printer,  image acquisition card for USB (for digital recording reflectrographic images), laser printer b /w, a paper kit for sublimation printer.